What You Need:
·Freshly ground Wilderness coffee
·Aeropress Brewer
·Aeropress Filter (preferably stainless-steel)

Brew Guide:
·Press makes 1 Cup
·Medium Grind Coffee
·Brew Time – 2 Minutes
·Water Temp – 200°F
·1 level scoop – 16g

1. Measure and Grind: Measure and Grind 1 level scoop (16g) with the Aeropress
spoon. Grind using an electric grinder if in civilization or a
handheld grinder if in the WILD. Medium grind, roughly the size of table salt.
2. Prep the Aeropress: Place the filter in the basket. We recommend using a stainless-steel filter to get all those robust and flavorful oils
from the coffee bean into your cup of coffee. If using a paper filter rinse the filter with hot water to remove any paper flavor.
3. Coffee: Attach the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber and place on top
of a mug. Add 1 level scoop (16g) of coffee to brew chamber.
4. Pour hot water (200°F) into brew chamber. Pour to the No. 4, then give slurry (coffee and water mixture) a stir.
5. Place Plunger and Wait: Place plunger into top of brew chamber and pull up slightly to create a pressure seal. Then WAIT!
6. Final Stir and Plunge: After 1:15, remove the plunger and give the slurry another stir. Place the plunger back into the brew chamber and press
down gently with steady pressure. Stop when you hear a hissing sound.
7. Remove Aeropress from atop the mug. Brew will yield 8 oz. of delicious coffee.
8. Serve: Drink and Stay Wild!