What You Need:
·Chemex w/Filter
·42g of Coffee
·Wooden Spoon

Brew Guide:
·Chemex Makes 2-3 Cups
·Medium Grind Coffee
·Brew Time – 4 Minutes
·Water Temp – 200°F
·Coffee – 42g or 6 Tablespoons

1. Prep: Place filter in the brewer with fold away from the spout. Wet the filter with hot water evenly to get a seal all the way around. The preheats to brewer and removed paper flavor from the filter. Discard
rinse water.
2. Grind: Grind 42g or 6 tablespoons of coffee coarsely and add to brewer.
3. Saturate Grinds: Pour hot water over the grinds and stir with a wooden spoon to ensure there are no dry clumps.
4. Second Pour: After :45 seconds begin the second pour. Pour over grinds moving side to side, then gradually spiral until volume reaches 1 inch from the rim.
5. Final Pour: After 1:45, fill the brewer to the rim with water pouring over the dark spots and avoiding the light.
6. Brew: After 4:00, the belly should have approximately 20 oz. of brewed coffee. Remove the filter with grounds.
7. Serve: Drink and Stay Wild!