French Press

What You Need:
·French Press Brewer
·Freshly Ground Coffee

Brew Guide:
·Makes 2-3 Cups
·Course Grinds
·Brew Time – 4-6 Minutes
·Water Temp - 200°F
·Two Cups – 32g of Coffee Grounds
·Four Cups – 64g of Coffee Grounds

1. Warm Up The Press: Warm up your press with hot water. This will allow for more consistent temperature while brewing and better flavor.
2. Measure Grinds: Measure our 64g of coffee and grind coarsely. We recommend 4g for a more robust flavor and coffee experience.
3. Combine: Discard water from press. Add coffee grounds to empty press. Add hot water (200°F) and stir with a wooden spoon making sure all grounds are saturated.
4. Cover and Wait: Add the top of the press and wait 4-6 minutes.
5. Press: After desired length of time has passed firmly push the press all the way down.
6. Serve: Drink and Stay Wild!