Kalita Waves

What You Need:
·Kalita Wave
·Freshly Ground Coffee
·Mug or Brewing Carafe

Brew Guide:

·Makes 1 Cup
·Coffee – 1g or 3 Tablespoons
·Grind Fine like Salt
·Brew Time – Minutes
·Water Temp - 200°F

1. Warm Up Mug and Rinse Filter: Rinse Kalita filter to remove paper flavor and heat up mug with 4-5 oz. hot water.
2. Measure and Grind: Measure and grind 21g or 3 Tablespoons of coffee beans. Grind fine like salt.
3. First Pour: Completely saturate grounds. Allow to rest for 10 seconds. Slowly pour additional water over grounds evenly.
4. Second Pour: After :45 to a minute slowly pour in additional water. Slowly pour over grounds evenly.
5. Final Pour: Slowly pour water over the grounds evenly. Slowly bring water level to the top.
6. Wait: Allow to fill mug or carafe to approximately 10 oz.
7. Serve: Drink and Stay Wild!